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Keep up on the latest news and events surrounding the US Gascon cattle breeding program. 

New Calves 13-May-2015

We've just added some new photos of crossbred Black Angus-Gascon calves. View all images here... (/breed/crossbreed)..

Crossbreeding the Gascon for Improved Genetics 02-Oct-2014

When crossbreeding the Gascon with the Black Angus, calves are black in color and maintain the advantages and aptitudes of the Gascon breed. Read more (/breed/crossbreed) ..

Follow the Gascon Cattle Society Facebook page 01-Aug-2014

For up-to-date information and great images of the breed from the Gascon Cattle Society, you can follow their Facebook page here. (

Transhumance in France 08-May-2014

In May of 2014, the Gascon cow took its place of honor in the center ring, along with 40 animals from farms that practice transhumance, during the traditional fair at Rarascon/Arienge. Read..