About Us

The founding members of GASCONCATTLE.COM are Groupe Gascon, located in Villeneuve du Pareage, France,  and Paul Plouviez, owner of Bench Creek Ranch located in Middlegate, Nevada. 

Our program is designed to bring the unique qualities and hardiness of the Gascon breed, from the Pyrenees in France, to the United States for both cattle ranchers and meat consumers.   The adaptation of the Gascon breed over several centuries to the harsh climate and limited resources of the Pyrenees led to the Gascon of today that can survive and thrive in basically any conditions.  

For the U.S. ranch, particularly in less than optimal terrain and mountain states, the Gascon breed offers many unique advantages such as low production cost, trouble-free calving, outstanding feed conversion and climate adaptability, while still maintaining a high quality of beef for consumption. 

For the consumer, the award winning beef offers a distinctive and  delicate flavor in addition to its incomparable tenderness.

Our goal is to establish the Gascon breed in the United States through the availability of semen from our newly established stateside cattle, and through cross-breeding the Gascon breed with other U.S. breeds that don't thrive as well in harsh conditions to improve genetics in these breeds.

Meet the Founding Members

Groupe Gascon


Paul Plouviez

Owner, Bench Creek Ranch