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The cattle that roamed the center of the Pyrenees as early as the 16th century were referred to as “Gascon”.

The harsh climate and limited resources led to the adaptation of the breed which allow the Gascon to survive and thrive in basically any condition.

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The Gascon has an ideal coat that is resistant to external influences that allow it to flourish in varied climatic zones.

It is a sure-footed animal with quality hooves that enable long treks up the mountains for high summer pastures. They have strong, sound legs and can endure long periods of standing.

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The hardness of the Gascon fur enables the breed to tolerate cold weather better than other cows and their calves gain weight faster and gain strength faster than other breeds.

The Gascon cows don’t need to eat as much as other types of cows while still maintaining a good condition.

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There are presently 300 breeders in the Gascon UPRA. The first Herd-Book dates back to 1865 and 45% of the current total population of the cows is foundation stock.

Natural service and artificial insemination are both selection options for males.

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